Outdoor furniture with wooden handle backpack chair camping ultra light weight folding chair

Views: 1     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2021-12-31      Origin: Uplion

The most convenient thing for you is that this camping ultra-light folding chair can be quickly expanded or stored. It does not take up space, and each intersection is flexibly connected with the active hand, and it only needs to be stored in one step. Size: 20.5"*16.92"*24.4", storage size: 21.26"*22.44"

The camping ultra-light folding chair is made of ultra-light aluminum alloy bracket, stable: the bracket is made of aluminum alloy. In addition, support rods are added at the legs of the chair to improve stability. This is an ultra-light outdoor folding chair, suitable for camping, hiking, fishing, etc. Weight: 4.63lbs, load bearing: 264.55lbs

The camping ultra-light folding chair has a comfortable wooden handle: beech wood and coated with a moisture-proof protective layer.