outdoor folding pop up Tent base

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Outdooe folding pop up Tent base

Outdoor gazebo tents have become more and more popular in recent years, and they are also widely used, especially advertising folding gazebo tents. When using a outdoor tent, a gazebo base is generally used.

The plastic tent base to be introduced today is 22*24cm in size and 25cm in height. It is made of HDPE material, which is durable and light-resistant. It is very suitable for outdoor use. There are four in a set, and the packing size is 52.5*24*47cm. It can be filled with water or sand, and the weight can reach 12KG after filling with water. The colors are white, black and gray.

This base is very light before being filled with water and is suitable for carrying. It is also very convenient to use, inject water directly from the water injection port, and then insert the foot tube of the tent into the middle part of the base.

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