Outdoor courtyard garden umbrella parasol base water injection base

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Outdoor patio garden sunshade base water-filled base can be filled with water or sand - suitable for different styles of outdoor umbrellas, the color is generally gray or black.

Outdoor Patio Garden Umbrella Bases Water Filled Bases are Easy to Use: Easy-to-fill spouts on each base make these bases easy to use and maintain; more efficient and easier to use than weighted bags

Outdoor Patio Garden Umbrella Base Water Filling Base Each set includes 4 base plates to fully compress a cross bottom umbrella; Made of durable plastic construction, weatherproof and designed to withstand harsh environments

Outdoor patio garden umbrella bases water-filled bases come in a variety of options: they can be filled with water or sand to make them more versatile; they can be used on outdoor porches, decks, lawns, backyards or even by the pool to ensure your umbrella doesn't tip over.

Each product of the outdoor courtyard garden sunshade base with water-filled base is inspected by professional product testing personnel before it is allowed to be shipped.