Outdoor camping barbecue essential guide and portable BBQ folding picnic table

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1. During the barbecue, the oil drips on the outdoor camping barbecue table. Don't worry, just wipe it gently with a towel. The grilled food can be placed directly on the outdoor picnic barbecue table or on the iron net.

   2. Vegetables and meats to be roasted can be placed separately in the pockets of the outdoor picnic barbecue table. When grilling food, turn it diligently to prevent it from being burnt. It is best to use long chopsticks when turning it, do not use your hands to prevent burns. When putting raw food, pay attention to a little distance from the fast-baked food to prevent the cooked food from contaminating the cooked food. The skewers should be placed toward the middle of the stove as much as possible, and the position of the skewers should be changed during the roasting process to ensure that the whole skewers are cooked at the same time. Chicken wings are very suitable for grilling. They are easy to cook and have a high fat content in the skin, which makes them delicious.

   3. Pay attention to food hygiene, do not eat food that is not cooked. The temperature of cooked food is very high, so be careful when you eat it. Baked foods, especially meat, are harmful to human health, so don't eat them. When adding carbon, be careful to wait until the newly added carbon is completely burned before grilling, because when the carbon is not completely burned, it is easy to produce harmful gases, which is not good for health.