New Roman Umbrella Four-piece Umbrella Base

Views: 4     Author: Uplion      Publish Time: 2021-12-02      Origin: Uplion

New Roman Umbrella Four-piece Umbrella Base

Today I’m going to introduce our new Roman umbrella base. This umbrella base is different from the Roman umbrella base with wheels introduced last time. This umbrella stand is a four-piece water stand without wheels. The grooved handle makes it easy to carry.

The style is square, the size of a single piece is 51*51cm, the height is 12CM, the packaging is four pieces in a box, the box gauge size is 52.5*49.5*53cm, the weight of a single piece of water can reach 23KG, and the weight of four pieces together It can reach 92KG.

After the water is installed, the two pieces can be fixed with iron buckles to prevent the water base from moving. The color of the umbrella base is mostly black, but it can also be gray, depending on the customer's preference.

The above is the four-piece umbrella base of the Roman umbrella we introduced today. If you have any other information, you can contact us.