Maintenance of outdoor coffee cast aluminum tables and chairs

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Maintenance of outdoor coffee cast aluminum tables and chairs

The outdoor cast-aluminum tables and chairs are biased towards the British style, with a strong aristocratic atmosphere. And it will also bring a different experience to the cafe, so the decoration and environmental selection requirements of the outdoor cafe appear to be relatively high-end and elegant.

Cast aluminum tables and chairs generally adopt two processes, die-casting and sand-finishing, with good surface finish.

1. Like most metal products, cast aluminum is prone to break when receiving strong external forces. Therefore, cast aluminum tables and chairs should be handled with care to avoid collision with heavy objects.

2. The secret of anti-rust and anti-corrosion of cast aluminum lies in the aluminum oxide on its surface, so it is necessary to avoid scratching as much as possible. If it is accidentally scratched, it needs to be repaired with anti-rust paint immediately.

3. Similarly, cast aluminum tables and chairs have anti-corrosion advantages, but in the case of weak acids and alkalis, try to keep strong acids and alkalis away from cast aluminum tables and chairs.