Luxurious cast aluminum tables and chairs

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Luxurious cast aluminum tables and chairs

The high-purity original aluminum rod adopts a new die-casting process. It is finely carved and chiseled like a diamond cutting process. The line feels give people a strong visual experience. In every subtlety, you can witness the extraordinary ingenuity and make your space show the luxury Chi and luxurious temperament.

The tables and chairs are made of all-aluminum die-casting and integrally formed. The width, depth, and arc shape conform to the ergonomic load, and the sitting feeling is comfortable and free. The surface is round and round, after repeated polishing, powder spraying, high temperature baking paint, gold sealing glaze, no burrs, anti-corrosion and no rust, it is very suitable for outdoor use, no need to worry about wind, rain and sun.

This set of tables and chairs also has a variety of flower styles to choose from to meet different favorite needs. With a set of high-quality tables and chairs, you can relax and enjoy a comfortable life here.