Iron tables and chairs made of cast iron or cast steel

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Iron tables and chairs made of cast iron or cast steel

This type of wrought iron tables and chairs are fixed and formed by molds, and finally sprayed with metal powder for coloring. Putting this type of wrought iron tables and chairs in the courtyard looks very textured, heavy, and not easy to rust. They are very good when they are outdoors for a long time. Durable, but the price is more expensive. What should I pay attention to when choosing this type of iron table and chair? The first thing to look at is the overall shape, the shape should be smooth, whether the surface of the table and chair is smooth with your hands, there are no uneven places, whether the welding points are neat, and whether there are bulges Phenomenon. Then see if there are any defects on the surface of the tables and chairs, such as scratches, uneven powder spraying, and so on.

With the advancement of craftsmanship, there is now a popular type of wrought iron rattan tables and chairs. Combining wrought iron and rattan, it is more compatible with the courtyard and more comfortable to use. The garden furniture tends to be pastoral style, which is in line with the natural landscape of the courtyard. Matching, so it is also loved by many people.

No matter what kind of courtyard iron tables and chairs, as long as they can be matched with other courtyard landscapes and the quality is not a big problem, it can create a very casual and comfortable natural environment. If you have a courtyard at home, quickly choose a favorite iron table and chair to put yourself in the nature.