Introduction to Side Awning

Views: 0     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2021-11-22      Origin: Uplion

With the improvement of people's living standards, more daily necessities have also emerged. The side canopy is an outdoor product for modern life.

It can be used in the corner of the courtyard to cover your own courtyard and protect your privacy. From the outside, the side canopy is stylish and simple. It is especially composed of a column against the wall, a large area of fabric, and a fixed buckle. One side is fixed to the wall, and the other side of the column is fixed to the ground. 

After the cloth is pulled apart, the armrest is fastened to this column which is fixed to the ground. It effectively shields people's sight. When you drink tea in the courtyard, change clothes or need to be cleaned outdoors, the side canopy will block the sight of others, allowing you to feel free. Whether you are dining in the courtyard or outdoors, the side canopy is undoubtedly an ideal choice for isolation space and convenience for people.