Introduction of outdoor boat bottom tent

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Introduction of outdoor boat bottom tent

After being propped up, the bottom-shaped tent looks like a boat turned back, and can be divided into two and three different support methods. Generally, the middle is the bedroom and the two ends are the hall sheds. The design pays attention to the wind flow line, which is also common. One of the tent styles.

The bottom-shaped tent has the advantages of good heat preservation performance, good wind resistance performance, good rain resistance performance, and large space. When set up in the wind, the wind cannot overly squeeze the tent poles; however, the wind from the side may shake a little. Applicable occasions: Mostly suitable for high-altitude camp construction.

When purchasing a boat-bottom tent, it is recommended to choose a nylon fabric with PU coating. It is best to choose PU 1500mm or more for the outdoor tent, and the PU value of the bottom of the tent needs to exceed 3000mm, so that it is very waterproof.