Introduction of dome-shaped tents (also known as yurts)

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Introduction of dome-shaped tents (also known as yurts)

It adopts double rod cross support, which is easy to disassemble and assemble. It is currently the most popular style on the market.

The dome design in the dome-shaped tent is applicable to a wide range of applications, from low altitudes to high mountains, and is available in various sizes from single tents to accommodating a dozen people for dinners and meetings; the bracket is simple, so installation and removal are very fast ;

But because its windward side is equal, the wind resistance performance is worse.

Applicable occasions for dome-shaped tents: Mostly suitable for recreational outings in parks, lakesides and other environments to avoid mosquitoes or light rain.

When purchasing a dome-shaped tent, it is recommended to choose a dome-shaped tent that is more comfortable and less difficult to build.