How to use outdoor gazebo tent

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Instructions for Folding Gazebo Tent

Folding gazebo tents, also known as advertising tents and Pop up canopy, are one of the common sun and rain protection tools. 

They can be used for outdoor exhibitions and product promotion activities. 

They are easy to operate, simple to install, simple, light, fast, durable, easy to carry, and have a long service life. Long and other characteristics.

Also need to pay attention to handling, avoid scratching the gazbeo and so on.

What is the function of folding gazebo tents

1. Provide a display prop for product promotion.

2. Create a promotional environment for product promotion.

3. Add a publicity window for product promotion.

The sizes are 2X2m, 2.5X2.5m, 2X3m, 3X3m, 3X4.5m, 3X6m, etc. Among them, 3X3m has more choices because of its moderate size;

For parking purposes, 3X4.5m and 3X6m are more commonly used. 

The folding tent has a beautiful and generous appearance, and the frame is made of steel frame paint. Suitable for outdoor exhibitions, exhibitions, celebrations, open-air banquets, travel and leisure.

How to open a folding gazebo tent

(1) Take out the tent top cloth and brackets, etc., and get ready.

(2) Open the shelf of the gazbeo tent halfway.

(3) Put the tarp on the top of the middle of the shelf, align the four corners of the tent with the four corners of the shelf, and stick the Velcro tightly.

(4) Pull the shelf apart again, and buckle the four spring buckles on the feet of the tent into the eyes of the square tube that can move up and down.

 Follow the same steps to complete the four corners.

(5) Pull out the inner tube with the site to a certain height, and then it will be automatically buckled, and the tent is installed.

Precautions for the use of folding gazbeo tents

1. When loading and unloading the foldable gazebo tent, handle it with carefully .

2. Be careful when opening the package, do not blindly scrape the tarpaulin with a knife.

3. When placing it, put it upright and don't stack it to prevent accidental crushing and tearing of the cloth top.

4. Before using the foldable gazebo tent, check whether the screws on the cross tube are tightened.

5. When any of the folding gazebo tent frames is found to be bent or deformed, stop using it immediately, perform maintenance, and continue operation after troubleshooting.

6. When the folding gazebo tent is used for outdoor display operation alone, special attention should be paid to wind protection.

 When the guard leaves temporarily, the feet of the tent should be lowered to the first section.

7. When several gazebo tents are operated in a row, the adjacent legs between the tent and the tent should be tied up with straps or ropes to make it into a whole to strengthen its wind resistance.

8. Do not wrap the two tent legs with tape when binding, otherwise the residue of the tape will seriously affect the up and down sliding of the sleeve on the feet of the folding tent.