How to choose the comfortable hammock?

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How to choose the comfortable hammock?

When choosing a hammock, consider the following:

1. Width

Hammocks are divided into single and double, and double hammocks are wider. For extra comfort, you can opt for a double hammock, which provides more space and comfort.

2. Length

Compared with the width, the length of the hammock varies very little, basically 2 meters or more, which can meet the needs of ordinary people. If you are tall, remember to choose a hammock that is at least 6cm longer than your height.

3. Purpose

For outing or hiking leisure, weight is a key consideration, so choose a lighter hammock; for self-driving camping, you can ignore the weight and consider comfort first, then you can choose a hammock with wooden sticks or steel structure support

4. Fabric

There are three common hammock fabrics:

Cotton: Cotton is the traditional material (whether rope or fabric) used to make hammocks and is characterized by its softness and comfort;

Mesh: Ventilated, breathable, quick-drying, ideal for use by the sea, lake or pool, etc.;

Polyester: Lightweight, quick drying, easy to clean, very durable and fade resistant, also a common hammock material.

6. Environmentally friendly suspension system

Most hammocks include straps with an adequate strength rating. To be environmentally friendly, choose a tie with a flatter, wider construction, and use a cross-wrap method that takes up more area to prevent the tie from being too thin and digging into the tree.