How to choose rattan tables and chairs

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1. Look at the fracture to identify the material

Some rattan furniture is actually imitated with plastic and other materials. Observe the rattan fractures on the furniture. If it is plastic or other products, the fractures will be particularly neat, while the rattan fractures will be frizzy.

 2. Check the tenacity of the vine

The tenacity of the rattan is the most important. It is recommended to find out the small stretched parts on the back of the furniture and twist it with your hands. Inferior rattan will easily break off the slag, and good rattan will generally not break. In addition to the fine manual weaving skills and the novel and beautiful appearance of rattan utensils, the most important thing is to examine whether the rattan utensils are of good quality.

 3. Check the appearance

Check whether the gloss of the furniture surface is uniform and the thickness is uniform, check whether the overall color of the rattan furniture is consistent, whether the bonding part is stable, whether the appearance is correct, whether there are spots, different colors and traces of insects, and use the palm of your hand. Wipe the surface of the furniture again, if it is smooth, it doesn't feel like a prickly hand.