How to choose bar tables and chairs

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How to choose bar tables and chairs

Choosing a bar chair requires skill. No matter what the situation is, we must pay attention to the internal design. In fact, for the bar chair, it can be rotated. Its rotation principle is that an air rod is added inside, which is different. The rotation strength of the air rods of different levels is different, and for a good air rod, its safety factor is also relatively high, so we must pay attention to quality issues when selecting.

The bar tables and chairs are rich in shapes, full of fashion and personality. Naturally, their sizes and specifications are also different. There is no uniform standard. They are generally selected according to the operating area of the bar. In addition, the size of the bar tables and chairs needs to be based on the comfort of the guests. Depending on the sex, the table and chair should be matched and controlled within a reasonable size range.

There are two bar table sizes according to the matching chairs, one is an ordinary table, and the other is a table with high chairs. The former is generally about the same size as an ordinary dining table, with a height between 700 and 780 mm, and the latter is generally between 910 and 1060 mm in height.