How to choose an outdoor tent that suits you

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How to choose an outdoor tent that suits you

1. Choose camping tents based on the most difficult and demanding conditions you may encounter. For example, although you do not plan to camp in the winter, if your outdoor activities are to be held in the late autumn, then you should choose a 4-season account or a convertible account.

2. The four-season account is usually 10%-20% heavier than the three-season account (mainly due to the extra accounts). The convertible account allows you to increase or decrease the poles and adjust the ventilation status according to the situation.

3. Self-supporting tents (which do not require external support) are very easy to use. You can easily move its position, or shake off the fallen leaves, dust, snow, etc. on the tent. However, tents that are too lightweight are often difficult to stand on their own.

4. The capacity of the tent. Each manufacturer has its own capacity standard. The actual capacity is often smaller than the marked capacity. For example, a tent marked with a capacity of 2 people tends to be quite crowded after accommodating two large and strong adults and their equipment.

5. It is recommended to use tarps or ground cloths to extend the life of the tent bottom cloth.