How to choose a Roman tent

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How to choose a Roman tent

(1) Purpose

If consumers choose tents for outdoor mountaineering activities, it is best to buy professional outdoor tents. Secondly, you must choose a professional outdoor camping tent with double-layer, rainproof and good air permeability; if it is a general leisure activity, you can choose a leisure tent, which can be used for shading and rest in parks, lakes and other environments.

(2) size

The size of the tent should be selected according to the number of people using it. If it is a one-person tent, it is limited to single use. This type of tent is characterized by light weight; and the choice of a two-person tent can be used for both single and It can sleep two people, and the advantage is that the scope of application is more than that of a single account. The second is that two people only need to carry a tent.

(3) Color

Tents are used in different environments, and their colors are also different. Generally, tents used in snow-capped mountains are yellow, which is more conspicuous; while tents used in low-altitude mountain crossing activities generally choose blue and green, because yellow tents are easier to attract small flying insects.