How to choice outdoor camping tent

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How to choice outdoor camping tent

On weekends, you want to escape from the busy urban life and accept the baptism of nature, or take advantage of the summer vacation, take the children to experience a picnic outdoors, watch the starry sky in the summer night, and come on a fun and educational trip for parents and children. In order to make camping activities more convenient and fun, it is important to buy the equipment. Otherwise, if you can't set up a tent in the field, or sleep with a sore back, the fun will be greatly reduced. Specially sorted out a few essentials for purchasing camping equipment, so that even you, a novice camper, can choose the equipment that suits you, and have a comfortable and enjoyable play.

A tent not only protects against wind, rain, shade, and mosquitoes, but also maintains privacy, creating the feeling of an outdoor cabin. It is an important equipment for camping, so remember to do some homework before purchasing.

Tent specifications: When buying a tent, it is recommended to distinguish it by size. The length and width of about 250-270 cm are more standard specifications, which can accommodate about 4 people, so that there can be a moderate activity space in the tent, and it will not be too crowded to sleep.

Waterproof function: It is inevitable to encounter water and dew on rainy days or mountainous areas outdoors, so the waterproofness of the tent is also one of the important items to buy. Regardless of whether it is an external tent, an internal tent, or a waterproof floor cloth, it is recommended that the water pressure resistance is more than 2000mm according to the waterproof coefficient indicated at the time of purchase.

Storage size: This is mainly due to the transportation problem. If you plan to ride to camp, the folded size of the tent must be able to meet the conditions that you can carry, so you must consider your own needs when buying, and then choose Suitable tent.