How to build an outdoor tent according to the terrain

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How to build an outdoor tent according to the terrain

How to build an outdoor tent on a slope

This situation is often encountered in mountain climbing and climbing routes. It is still possible to find a sloping flat land on a slope. The key is that the friction between the sleeping bag and the moisture-proof pad is small when you sleep at night, and people will slide down, and you cannot fall asleep when the slope is large.

adapting methods:

a. When two people build a outdoor tent, choose to camp under the outdoor tent with two trees close together. If you don’t move two big rocks underneath, put your backpack between the trees or rocks so that your head is up when you sleep at night. Stepping on the bottom of the backpack to fall asleep.

b. If it is better to solve it by one person folding tent , choose to place the outdoor tent on the side of the tree or stone when camping, and place the backpack between the tree or stone, so that the whole weight of the person is placed on the side of the backpack, and sleeping on the side alternately at night can ensure Better sleep effect.