How much do you know about the material of the hammock?

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The hammock is made of solid wood, rattan, canvas, nylon net, cloth and other materials. From the location of the hammock, solid wood hammocks are more suitable for indoor use, such as bedrooms and living rooms; rattan hammocks are generally small and suitable for use in the living room or balcony; fabric hammocks are small in size, light in weight, and can be folded, suitable for outdoor use Use, such as balcony or outdoor camping. However, the material of the hammock is not limited by the place of use. Some users directly install the solid wood hammock on the balcony to enjoy the caress of the sun. Canvas is characterized by high endurance and great comfort when lying on it. Friends weighing 100kgs can lie on it. Friends who are eager to enjoy can choose canvas hammock. Nylon hammock is also a fishing net hammock. The most important feature is breathability. Above and below you can also feel the breeze blowing, so it is suitable for those who are very afraid of heat. Of course, the comfort of nylon mesh hammock is worse.