How much do you know about camping tents?

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How much do you know about camping tents?

Camping tents: also known as camping tents, outdoor tents, with leisure properties, easy to carry, can be supported on the ground to protect from the sun and rain, and as a temporary living place, it is very popular among outdoor enthusiasts.

Occasions: Grassland music festivals, tent festivals held in various places, parent-child tours, tourist attractions.

Tent styles: dome, triangle, ridge, boat bottom, hexagon, and some are printed on the tarpaulin, which can give people a visual enjoyment when the tents are placed together.

Tent size: There are single, double, 4 people, and multiple people. You can choose according to the number of people when purchasing.

Tent quality: high-quality raw materials are used, the tarpaulin has good wear resistance, and the struts also have resilience, so they can be used for a long time.

Use of the tent: In addition to learning how to open and retract it, you should also pay attention to the following matters during use.

1. Understand the correct use of the tent, and do not use the accessories for other purposes.

Second, it is best not to use it in bad weather, after all, good maintenance is the most important.

3. After the tent is used, it should be put away and stored in a dry place. It is necessary to pay attention not to put heavy objects on it.