Four-piece umbrella base with buckle

Views: 1     Author: Uplion      Publish Time: 2021-11-30      Origin: Uplion

Four-piece umbrella base with buckle

Today I will introduce the most widely used four-piece umbrella base for banana umbrellas. 

Its main material is also HDPE, which is the same material as yesterday's square water base.

The single size of the umbrella base is 50*50cm, and the height is 7.5cm. There are four pieces in a set, and the four pieces are packed in a box. 

The size of the box is 52*52*31CM. The weight before filled water is 9KG, the weight of a set can reach 60KG after water is installed, and it can reach 80KG after sand is installed.

There are grooves on the umbrella base to lift the water base, which is convenient to carry. The parts have four iron buckles. After the umbrella base is filled with water, put the iron buckles into the holes on the cross base to fix the two umbrella bases.

That's all for today's introduction. If there is anything you don't understand or want to know, please contact Uplion.