Features of outdoor garden patio wrought steel tables and chairs

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Outdoor tables and chairs are generally used in small outdoor gardens. It is very comfortable to sit here and enjoy the sun in your spare time. Of course, some people will use outdoor tables and chairs for picnics in the park. It is very convenient. Iron table and chair sets usually have tables. , Leisure chairs and small coffee tables, the size of the tables and chairs needs to be determined according to the number of people who usually use them. The material of wrought iron tables and chairs is generally cast iron or cast steel, which are made by various sophisticated processes, and there will be plastic spraying in the later period. , Painting and other processes, make outdoor tables and chairs more beautiful. durable.

The advantage of iron outdoor tables and chairs is that they are very sturdy and durable. Its hardness is dozens of times stronger than ordinary solid wood materials. It heats iron or steel at high temperature and melts it into molten iron or molten steel. Polishing and other detailed treatments can produce a smooth, non-marking, and textured finished product. The iron table and chair after spraying also has the advantages of waterproofing and rusting, so it can be widely used outdoors