Disaster relief tent, how much do you know about it?

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Disaster relief tent, how much do you know about it?

Disaster relief tents are purchased by government departments and can be used for disaster relief command, post-disaster emergency treatment, disaster relief materials transfer and storage, and personnel accommodation.

There are also many displays of disaster relief tents on the Internet, and how much do you know about them?

Disaster relief tent size: 3mX4m, 4mX4m, 4mX5m, 4mX6m, 4mX8m, 4mX10m, 5mX6m, 5mX8m, 5mX10m.

Disaster relief tent fabric: Oxford cloth, canvas, the colors used more are army green and dark blue.

Disaster relief tent rack: galvanized pipe, paint pipe, frame pipe wall also reaches a certain thickness.

The complete size and material can be selected according to the needs when purchasing; the design of the disaster relief tent is that there are screen windows on both sides, which can be rolled up when in use, so that it has a ventilation function and does not feel stuffy inside.