Banana umbrella

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Banana umbrella

1. The umbrella column is independent on one side and has a 100% space utilization rate. It avoids the trouble and embarrassment of perforating the traditional parasol on the table during use.

2. Precisely designed transmission mechanism and pulley system can be easily opened and closed by one person.

3. Beautiful and beautiful, with the umbrella base of the water tank, it can withstand strong winds below level 5.

4. The main body and the seat are separated in design, and the two can be easily separated or combined without any tools, and it is very easy to move and carry.

5. The umbrella cloth can be easily removed and cleaned.

Unique shape and fashionable style.

Umbrella fabrics are made of professional polyester fabrics. Studies have shown that fabrics with a thick umbrella surface are better than thin ones with better UV resistance.

Umbrella poles and bending poles are made of high-quality high-strength aluminum alloy. The octagonal design makes it stretch better, has strong wind resistance, is hard and not easy to break, or deformed by extrusion, and the electrostatic spray surface can withstand the wind. It won't fade easily when exposed to the sun, which will affect the appearance. Our frame parameters are as follows: octagonal aluminum umbrella pole 48MM, octagonal aluminum curved pole: 42MM, elliptical iron umbrella rib: 13*22MM.