Banana umbrella base introduction

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Banana umbrella base

Banana umbrella also named cantilever umbrella 

1. The umbrella column is independent on one side and has a 100% space utilization rate. Avoid the trouble and embarrassment of perforating traditional parasols in use.

2. It has a precision-designed transmission mechanism and pulley system, which is convenient to open and close

3. The air outlet on the top of the umbrella is beautiful and cooperates with the umbrella base, which can withstand strong winds below level 5.

4. The main body and the seat are separated design, which is convenient to carry and combine

5. The umbrella cloth can be easily removed and cleaned.

Because the banana umbrella has a cross base at the bottom, the umbrella base is a bit different from that of the straight umbrella. The square umbrella base can be directly pressed on the cross base, and the tube of the umbrella base is not needed.

Generally, the banana umbrella is equipped with four-piece water base, marble base or resin umbrella base, and the shape is mostly square or fan-shaped.

 This is convenient to match the base and increase the contact area with the cross base. making the banana umbrella more stable and wind-resistant.