Backpack Features

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Because of its scientific design, reasonable structure, convenient loading, comfortable and easy back, it is conducive to long-distance travel, so it is loved by people. Nowadays, the significance of mountaineering bags is far from limited to mountaineering. Some people who travel, explore or work in the field also like to use this type of backpack. The structure of the mountaineering bag can be divided into three parts, namely the carrying system, the loading system and the external hanging system. Eternal fulcrum, carrying system The carrying system of the mountaineering bag includes: shoulder strap, waist belt, chest strap, force adjustment belt, carrying support mechanism and adjustment device. The biggest difference between the advantages and disadvantages of mountaineering bags lies in the carrying system. In the design of mountaineering bags with excellent carrying system performance, not only ventilation must be considered, but also the ease of force transmission must be considered, and the comfort and load-bearing strength of the backpack must also be considered.