Advantages of outdoor plastic wood tables and chairs

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Advantages of outdoor plastic wood tables and chairs

Outdoor tables and chairs provide a comfortable space and place for outdoor rest. 

More and more people choose to put outdoor tables in their courtyards. 

Choosing a pleasant outdoor table and chair will make your outdoor life more enjoyable. 

The following are the advantages of outdoor plastic wood tables and chairs.

  1. Safety and environmental protection. Platic wood table chair raw material of HIPS is milky white opaque beads or granules, which are extracted from petroleum accessories, which is safe and environmentally friendly.

2. The color is changeable. HIPS can be colored arbitrarily. After coloring, the color is pure and uniform, with good stability, and will not fade for ten years.

3. Strong impact resistance. The rigidity is very good. After being modified by adding glass fiber or other reinforcing materials, its toughness is about four times higher than that of PS, and the impact strength is greatly improved.

4. Same weight as solid wood. The specific gravity of solid wood is 0.5-0.7/cm3, and the specific gravity of PS environmental wood is 0.65-0.7/cm3 (the same as high-grade solid wood, and the weight is only half of plastic wood and synthetic wood).

5. Good weather resistance. Outdoor tables and chairs are made of HIPS material, used in the environment of -40℃~60℃, not easy to deform, not easy to corrode, water resistance, fire resistance, no spots, no mold, no cracking. The long-term use temperature can reach 260 degrees, and it remains stable in 400 degrees air or nitrogen.

6. Recyclable. No added wood powder or plant fiber, four-sided three-dimensional embossing is formed in one piece, with deep and obvious lines, good anti-slip performance, not easy to wear, 100% pure material, permanent and stable material, and can be completely recycled and reused.