Adirondack Chair Side Table

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Adirondack Chair Side Table

The size of the table is 18 inches * 18 inches outdoor side table, the style is very classic and beautiful, wind-resistant, safe, stable, not shaking. With an average weight capacity of up to 200 pounds, you can even sit on it. Net weight is 16.3 lbs.

The outdoor table is a massive 2.25 square feet, as the outdoor side table is wide enough for you to place drinks, laptops, speakers, and even a small refrigerator easily.

The holes on the outdoor side table are accurate, and the installation instructions are included in the product, so the installation is easy and effortless. Product parts with 4 legs and a side table top, 8 screws.

The legs of the table are very neat and can be used smoothly on lawns, beaches, patios and patios, indoors or outdoors. It can also be used as a pool side table and front porch table. Adirondack tables are often paired with Adirondack chairs.

Choose a better HDPS solid composite material for the outdoor side table, which is more durable. Daily cleaning is easy with soap, water and a soft brush. Colors that are fully integrated into the material, do not need to be painted like wood every year, giving you a real wood experience.

High-purity 304 stainless steel hardware keeps the outdoor side table looking brand new outdoors. We don't want to miss every little detail. In order not to rust, we use high-purity 304 fittings to make the chair look new over the years.