About rattan chair

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What is a rattan chair?

A rattan chair is a chair frame made of thick rattan. It is mainly a variety of chairs made of rattan leather and rattan core entanglement frames. In modern times, PE rattan is also used to make rattan chairs. Compared with real rattan, PE rattan is easier to shape rattan chairs.

The materials, handwork and technology of rattan weaving are mainly based on the traditional crafts of Southeast Asia, making rattan products full of ancient southern style, less modern style, and usually more popular among middle-aged people. The rattan chair is not only simple but not lacking in taste, but also emphasizes the artistry in its shape. There are not only Chinese peacock, chicken heart, and sun shapes, but also European and American palace shapes, crown shapes, and regular and irregular geometric shapes. Almost any rattan furniture can be customized, so the styles of rattan furniture are also diverse


The rattan chair is light and generous, and the densely interwoven rattan is simple and refreshing. People are tired of the hustle and bustle and indifference of modern cities, and they are more and more deeply aware of the preciousness of returning to the original, longing to be intimately integrated with nature, arranging a room full of pastoral atmosphere, and giving themselves another living experience. In this sense, nature is fashion. Those rattan chairs and other rattan furniture inadvertently create the feeling of a small wooden house. The decorations made of small, earthy rattan can be completely free of shape and composition.