About cast iron products

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Ironwork products are very beautiful, but it is often seen that some ironwork will not be used for long, and the surface coating will fall off, revealing rough iron and even rust. Therefore, when buying ironwork products, be sure to pay attention to them. Surface treatment process:

1. Paint: This is more common, although some anti-rust treatments are usually performed, but if there is a slight bump, or the environment is humid, the painted paint is easy to peel off.

2. Plastic spraying:-Generally, the thermosetting polymer resin powder coated on the surface of the iron art is melted by special means, and cured into a layer of plastic film on the surface of the iron art. The iron art made in this way will look a bit like plastic on the surface. The surface film is also relatively thick, with good strength and corrosion resistance. It is recommended to choose this kind of surface iron.