About Advantages of aluminum bar furniture

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The aluminum bar furniture has a variety of colors, not only has a beautiful appearance, but also has the same processing performance as the log material. 

It can be nailed, drilled, and can be repeatedly disassembled and recycled.

In addition, the plates used in aluminum bar furniture are extruded with aluminum rods at high temperature. 

The surface is sprayed with high temperature heat transfer treatment, which is wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof. 

It can be directly placed in water for a long time without immersion. Swelling and will not deform.

Aluminum production methods are divided into the following two type:

The first is jigsaw profile

The first generation of aluminum bar furniture profiles are mainly composed of panels. The aluminum ingots are polished, colored film, and anodized. 

The aluminum alloy furniture profiles are made through molds. The surface of the profiles is processed by wood grain heat transfer, hot pressure spraying, etc. Process technology processing, after processing, its appearance color is similar to the color of traditional board or solid wood, and then it is assembled by using the remaining card slots on the profile itself and other hardware accessories. So it is called the jigsaw series.

The second is whole plate profile

Since the aluminum used in the first generation of aluminum bar furniture is a splicing structure, its shortcomings cause the surface of the furniture to have splicing seams, which affects its appearance, so the main material of the aluminum bar furniture is upgraded to the second generation of all-aluminum alloy panels. Series, greatly improving its aesthetics. 

At present, the whole aluminum plate is used, and the whole plate is added with manganese, iron, copper and other alloy elements on the basis of the spliced aluminum-magnesium alloy.

The purpose is to prevent rust, and then through sheet metal processing, cutting, polishing and other processes, the aluminum plate is processed into the same raw material size as the traditional furniture plate at 1.22 meters * 2.44 meters, and then through oxidation, spraying and other surface treatment processes, its appearance color is similar to that of traditional furniture. Comparable with traditional wood panels.