The characteristics of outdoor patio furniture tables and chairs

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People like to build their own courtyards after work. I think a good courtyard landscape can create a good living environment for this. After building the courtyard, the remaining difficulty is to choose the outdoor patio furniture tables and chairs you like.

My courtyard is dominated by green plants. I like large areas of grass and some trees with a longer daily flowering period. Camellia is my favorite.

In addition to the green plants, the sentimental courtyard must have a long winding path and a wooden floor space for leisure. The beautiful outdoor courtyard will not only make you pleasing to the eyes, but also let yourself into this tranquility.

The most important points of furniture for outdoor use are:

1. Durable. I don’t want the furniture I buy to be used for only one or two years. Just like the iron art used before, it will rust in less than a month, and the rust water will stay on the wooden floor, which is very ugly.

2. Easy to take care of. I have used rattan-woven tables and chairs for a year, because there are many gaps in the rattan-woven, and there are black dust in the gaps after outdoor use in the sun and rain, which is very difficult to take care of. If you want to really clean up, you must barely clean the surface with a brush.

3. Beautiful. If a good courtyard is paired with an unsightly table and chairs, I think it must be a pity.