Peculiar frog resin umbrella stand

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Peculiar frog resin umbrella base

Umbrella base size: 13.78 inches deep x 13.78 inches wide x 15.75 inches high

Umbrella base material: resin and concrete

color: gray

With this outdoor umbrella base, you can sit comfortably in the shade outdoors. Secure your parasol under the terrace table or use it as a standalone part while decorating with a stable support. With a peculiar frog umbrella seat, you can wander happily for hours in the cool shade, while adding a pleasant garden atmosphere to your space.

Question: Can it accommodate a rod with a diameter of 2 inches?

Answer: Yes, it can indeed accommodate rods with a diameter of 2 inches.

Question: Can it be placed in a swimming pool without rusting or damaging it?

Answer: It is strong, looks great, and does not rust. It is placed outside my porch, not in the swimming pool. Chlorine in the pool water may affect frogs.

Question: The previous question and answer stated that this is suitable for a 2" diameter umbrella pole. Can this be adjusted to fit a smaller umbrella pole size?

Answer: Yes, it does fit smaller diameters. Mine comes with a plastic insert to reduce the diameter of the parasol.

Question: Can it hold up a 9-foot round hardwood umbrella?

Answer: Oh yes, and bigger. Measure under the table to see if the height is appropriate.