The placement of outdoor garden metal tables and chairs in the courtyard of the villa

Views: 0     Author: Uplion     Publish Time: 2021-12-02      Origin: Uplion

Tables and chairs that match the style need to be placed in the courtyard of the villa. For example, how to arrange suitable villa courtyard garden tables and chairs. The garden of a villa is located in the sunken courtyard in the villa. The design of the garden is quite interesting. The space of the garden is very small but the permeability is very strong. The two sides are brick walls of different materials and one side is made of iron. On the other side is the "front entrance" for people to enter the garden. In the center of this garden, a set of modern and simple outdoor courtyard garden tables and chairs should be placed. It can be a metal frame, Teslin chair cloth, classic black and bright glass table top, which is cheap and tasteful. The surrounding area is surrounded by lush trees, and the entrance to the garden is guarded by two little lions. It is very cute and distinctive. The hydrangea on both sides of the lions are especially luxuriant, and they are also very beautiful when placed in a green space. Warm and very loving, just imagine drinking tea in such a garden and talking about how happy life should be.