How to select a good quality patio umbrella

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How to choose a qualified patio umbrella

With the gradual improvement of people's quality of life, it is not difficult to own a villa or small yard of your own. When summer arrives, it is very pleasant to buy a high-quality patio umbrella in the yard, and enjoy the cool under the umbrella. Today I will talk about how to buy a qualified patio umbrella.

1. If you buy an umbrella with a rocking handle, after inserting the upper and lower umbrella poles, turn the rocking handle at the fastest speed until the umbrella opens, and then slowly close the umbrella in the opposite direction, continuously Repeat 10 times, if each shake is smooth and makes a crisp rattle, then the umbrella's opening and closing system is okay.

2. Then there is the appearance inspection, whether there are scratches on the umbrella pole, that is, whether the spray plastic of the umbrella pole is scratched.

3. Whether the umbrella cloth has a popping phenomenon, that is, whether the edge of the umbrella cloth is not stitched; the thread sewing is not in a straight line.

4. Whether there are footprints, oil stains, stains, etc. on the umbrella surface. Finally, check whether the umbrella surface is wired first.