Hammock knotting method

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Hammock knotting method

1. Single knot. This is the most familiar and primitive method of knotting. Generally, it is mostly used for knotting and some unimportant knots.

2. Eight-character pass through knot

It is a knot commonly used in mountaineering and adventure activities. It is mainly used to connect the knot and two ropes. The insurance effect is stronger than that of a single knot and it is easier to untie.

3. Intertwined knots. It is used to connect two ropes of the same thickness and is characterized by firmness, ease of solution, and beauty.

4. Single knot. Used to connect two ropes of different thickness.

5. Close knot. Used to connect two relatively slippery ropes.

6. Slipknot. This knot is often used to tie the rope to the tree, which is easy to untie.

7. Free knot. It is often used for knots that need to be adjusted in length.

8. Leverage knot. It is often used to ligate rope ladders, swings, etc., and the knot of the wooden stick can be self-dissolved once it is drawn.