Adirondack chair introduction

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Adirondack chair introduction

Adirondack chairs are traditionally used outdoors. They originated in the northeastern United States.

The Adirondack chair was originally developed by Thomas Lee in 1903 to provide outdoor seating for the summer house. 

Since then, after some experiments with his family members, the basic design has remained unchanged. 

This chair was originally The design is cut from a large piece of wood. Most consumers are familiar with the shape of the Adirondack chair, which was originally developed in 1903, and its design has remained unchanged since then.

The characteristic of the Adirondack chair is that the backrest and seat are straight. In order to compensate for the steep slope of the mountain, the seat is tilted on the east coast of the United States. The structure of the chair tends to be simple, with several straight lines and curves on the end of the armrest and the backrest. In addition, Adirondack chairs traditionally have large armrests that can hold a plate of food or drink. This unique feature is a hallmark of the Adirondack chair.